A Head to Head Comparison of Ads on TikTok and Reels on META

In a world of constant Network competition, is there a way to accurately gauge the performance of different networks while isolating variables? We took a journey to uncover differences between Meta’s Reels placement and TikTok’s feed placement in the hopes of getting some answers and gaining valuable insights! 

Isolating Variables 

  • Optimization: On Meta and TikTok we ran a 1-day click optimization
  • Content: Ran identical ads for the same product in both campaigns
  • Pausing Ads: If an ad was paused on one network, we paused it on the other network
  • Timeline: Both campaigns ran for 14 days  
  • Landing Page: Both networks drove to a PDP
  • Budget: Allocated the same daily budget for both campaigns 

What Did Success Look Like?

We gauged success by: 

  • Evaluating last click ROAS between the TikTok and Reels campaign
  • Comparing demographic similarities/differences between both Networks 
  • Reviewing ad-level data to understand how much spend both algorithms were giving each ad and why  

The Results:

  • CPM Difference: TikTok drove a 15% lower CPM in comparison to Reels. 
  • Platform ROAS Difference: META boasted a 64% higher Native Metric ROAS than TikTok. 
  • GA ROAS Difference: META drove a 76% higher Last Click ROAS in comparison to TikTok. 
  • CTR Difference: META reported a 7.8% higher click-through rate than TikTok. 
  • AOV Difference: TikTok generated a 6% higher AOV within GA. 
  • GA CVR: META achieved a 100% higher CVR in comparison to TikTok in GA. 
  • Age Comparison: TikTok spent 24% of its total budget on ages 45-54, whereas Reels spent 28% of its total budget on 25-34 year olds. Reels was spending more on the younger age range compared to TikTok. 
  • Top Served Ads: The top-served ads on each Network were not the same.
    • The top spending ad on Reels reported an 80% higher GA ROAS in comparison to the leading TikTok ad. 
  • Spending Patterns: Both ads that had the highest last click ROAS also had the most spend behind them. 


The quality of traffic that was driven from META Reels was of higher value with stronger conversion rates. TikTok reported a notable variance between last-click and native numbers, even when optimizing to a 1/0 window. 

If you would like to hear more about testing into something similar or hear about our strategy reach out to try.admixt@admixt.com

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