Ad Templates from adMixt for Quick-Turn Creative Opts

Did you know Black Friday is around the corner? Yeah, we know you know!

Just in time for this year’s big push, we are rolling out a new product. Introducing Ad Templates: A tool that creates ads at scale that meet your brand guidelines.

adMixt now takes your top images and videos and adds unlimited video and still overlays.

The main benefits:

  1. adMixt can add on-brand text overlays to your raw images and videos
  2. Allows for quick-turn creative optimization
  3. Align with Meta best-practices and max your ASC campaigns with 150 creatives

For the purposes of the upcoming sale period we think this tool will be perfect for adding promo stickers & text overlays on your ads!

Here is an example ad we made in less than 3 minutes:



Here is a quick tutorial of Ad Templates in action!

Interested in having adMixt make ads in bulk for BF/CM that can be loaded into an ASC campaign? Here is the process:

  • Send adMixt approved messaging for your sale
  • If there are specific colors/fonts that must be used, tell your Paid Media Manager
  • The adMixt design team can then make a few templates and hand them off to the account team
  • The account team will set up a variety of options and send you ads for final approval!

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