Are Customers Buying the Products They See In Your Ads?

New Shopify Integration: Order Details 

Are you running evergreen ads but unclear what customers are purchasing from those ads? With just two clicks in our pivot tool, we can quickly identify what specific products were purchased from that top spending ad! 

What kind of data trends are we seeing?

  • When running evergreen ads or evergreen landing pages, customers are not buying the product showcased in the ad. 
  • When running product-specific ads to product-specific landing pages, that is what customers are purchasing. 

How do I use this feature in adMixt?

  1. Click on “Pivot+” on your account in admixt
  2. Run a pivot report on “Image” or “Landing Page”
  3. Right-click on the Image or Landing Page and select “View Products” 

4. Then the Product Sales Modal will populate 

What can we see? 

  • Specific products customers are actually buying off of ads. 
  • Shopify revenue and the number of conversions certain products drove via a particular ad. 
  • Product IDs in order to see certain sizes or colors that are selling through. 

This tool can be utilized in many different ways, from broad analysis to granular insights. The possibilities are endless when it comes to leveraging product data at the ad level, and new strategies can be created based on findings that come from this data. 

If you would like to hear more about this Shopify integration or what other capabilities adMixt has to offer reach out to: 

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