ASC + Bid Multipliers

We’re all familiar with how Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns have dominated a significant portion of advertisers’ spend, but the big question is: What is coming next for ASC? Are there new ad products coming? The answer is yes, and we’re excited to introduce one that is exclusive to adMixt due to our API and Marketing Partner statuses. 

Introducing Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns + Bid Multipliers 

What are Bid Multipliers?

  • Bid multipliers allow advertisers to manipulate bids on an array of audience parameters [see here for META Documentation] without needing hyper-segment campaigns or ad sets to control spend distribution and performance on said parameters.
    • For example: Instead of launching three separate ad sets with three different age segments (e.g. 18-24, 25-34, 35-44) in an effort to control spend distribution between ages buckets – Bid Multipliers allow us to bid on each age segment separately within a single ad set

Bid Multipliers are an exclusive feature only accessible through our API and are NOT available to advertisers via Ads Manager. 

How will this enhance my ASC efforts? 

  • Allows for more granular control over spend distribution within broad ASC audiences without having to stray away from META’s smart campaign integrations.
  • Increased distribution on underserved and high-performing segments, and lower distribution on overserved and underperforming segments.

When should Bid Multipliers be used? 

  • We recommend using bid multipliers when you want to allocate a significant  amount of your spend to specific parameters. 
  • You are running ASC but notice high impression volume in low-performing segments. 
  • Manage volume flow instead of excluding or breaking out audience and Ad placement segments. 
  • When trying to consolidate your account strategy while still maintaining somewhat granular control over ad distribution.

We recommend analyzing your current and historical account performance to determine where ASC’s automation may be causing some performance inefficiencies. As a smart ad product, we, as advertisers, usually have little control over how it optimizes and the audiences it reaches. This is where Bid Multipliers in conjunction with ASC shines!

If you would like to hear more about bid multipliers on standard or ASC campaigns reach out to 

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