BFCM Wrap Up: Dos 👍 and Don’t 👎

Congrats, you survived another year of BFCM! 2023 has been a rollercoaster that brought hefty goals and even heftier headwinds. Despite the challenges, Cyber Monday marked our LARGEST spending day in adMixt history. 

Today we are excited to share with you some piping hot findings, or hot takes, if you will! 

✏️ TEXT ONLY ads on Meta – It’s as simple as it sounds – no photography needed! Just text added to a plain background.

💵 If you spend under $50k a month…. You need to have standard campaigns with large interest and lookalike targeting. Advanced + Shopping (ASC) won’t drive the efficiency you need. 

🏆 Snapchat CAME THROUGH! After some hiccups in performance, Snap is back with a vengeance. See our blog from this summer for more Snapchat insights. 

🔥 PMAX and Demand Gen Over Delivered – PMAX campaigns performed great, especially promo-specific campaigns! Additionally, PMAX images with text overlay did very well. Finally, Demand Gen which hasn’t shown a lot of performance also performed similarly or better than PMAX.  

Evergreen ads won’t cut it. Your evergreen ads aren’t going to see the lift you are optimistic about. Just focus on the sale at hand.

📱 The homepage is boring… try a product page or collection.

🥸 Don’t try to fake your promo… consumers are savvy, authenticity matters.

🎨 Run Display cards and countdown timers on Tiktok These visual elements can be game-changers to your ad performance. 

🗓 Ad Fatigue Alert! If your promo is a week-long, you should have ads published paused, ready to flip on for refreshes to combat fatigue. 

🧨 Brace for impact…. Your promo is too long. Launching your promo multiple weeks before BFCM will not perform well at scale. Demand starts to pick up the weekend before BFCM. Launch your promo around then! 

If you would like to learn more about our success during Black Friday and Cyber Monday reach out to We would love to help you prepare to crush goals next year! 

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