✨ Do Positive Comments on Meta Ads Drive More Sales? ✨

Meta has released creative enhancements to improve performance. There is also an option called “ad-level compositional changes,” which allows for ad-level automation by Meta. They create multiple ad variations and serve them to each person based on what Meta believes that person is most likely to respond to. 

Relevant Comments Test 

adMixt tested Meta’s relevant comments enhancements in an A/B test and found that the adset with relevant comments turned on had 25% more sales and 21% lower CPAs than the control. By emphasizing the most positive comments, the audience is more likely to engage and purchase. 

Interested in enhancements? Here are some additional options available to most advertisers:

  • Image brightness and contrast: Great if you run a lot of UGC or lack the bandwidth to thoroughly touch up photos. 
  • Artistic filters: Similar to the above, a great tool to utilize if your creative is untouched or lo-fi. 
  • Varying aspect ratio: Will show either the original or cropped version of your image, depending on which is more likely to improve performance. We highly recommend cleanly testing this to also gain knowledge on what ad ratios work best for you. 
  • Feed Image Templates: Meta will use a set of templates designed to help your image fit Feed placements. If there is not creative bandwidth to create ads to serve in feed and story/reels, this is a great tool to utilize. 

Interested in Ad-level compositional changes? Here are some options: 
  • Adding labels: Create a label to highlight an aspect from your Facebook page, like Likes or ratings. 
  • Displaying relevant Facebook and Instagram comments: If your ads have positive engagement, use this feature to display those best comments. 
  • Text combinations: Meta will automatically show different combinations of your provided primary text, headline and description options. Be careful to monitor this to make sure it is copy that would be approved! 
  • Adding business metadata: Meta may highlight important information about your business or product on your ads. 

If you would like to hear more about testing into something similar or hear about our strategy reach out to try.admixt@admixt.com 

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