💯Optimizing Promos: The Power of Simplified Messaging 💯

During promotional periods, companies often grapple with determining the most effective discounting strategy. Whether it’s a generous 90% off clearance sale, a modest 20% off on new products, or a targeted 40% off on a specific collection, the choices can be overwhelming. Due to inventory and revenue, sometimes your sitewide promo turns into a handful of different discounts that are complex to follow. 

During the holiday and BFCM season we tested a few different discount messages—and the results were note-worthy! Here’s a breakdown of the variables we experimented with:

  • Up to 90% off: There were a few items at 90%, but most of the items were under 90%. This was the catch-all, general promo messaging we tested.  This accounted for 48% of the total Meta spend, boasting a 12% lower CPA than the benchmark.
  • 40% off: This was our clear percentage off messaging callout. Representing 10% of the total Meta spend, this option resulted in a 32% higher CPA than the benchmark. 
  • Price sticker: Instead of saying 40% off, we called out the actual discounted purchase price of the product. Making up 5% of the total Meta spend, this choice led to a 52% higher CPA than the benchmark.
  • 40% off + an extra 10% off select items: This was a combination messaging test where we used the clear percentage off and teased additional possible discounts. A mere 0.2% of the total Meta spend, this alternative incurred a significant 206% higher CPA than the benchmark.

The key takeaway from this experiment is clear—keeping our promo messaging generic with an “Up to __% Off” message proved to be the most successful in terms of both customer engagement and cost-effectiveness.

While the temptation to offer diverse discounts may exist, the data suggests that simplicity often triumphs in capturing the attention and loyalty of consumers.

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