Q4 Trends, Wrapped

The Top Trends Across Accounts in Q4

Cheers to 2024! As marketers, we know we can’t move forward without taking a look back. So, what did we learn in Q4 of 2023 that will help inform our strategies for Q1 of 2024? 


  1. If you have a CAC goal, using a GA4 New Customer event as your Google Ads goal, can have a positive impact on performance. 
  2. Limiting Shopping and PMAX campaigns to “bid only for new customers” may hurt your account due to a lack of signals. Try “bid higher for new customers” if you find it challenging to send enough signals. 


  1. ASC is leading to a performance halo that is boosting overall account performance. We tested turning this off due to softer CPAs post-BFCM, and our BAU campaigns felt the impact. A healthy mix of campaign types is necessary for consistency.  
  2. Pulsing spend on top-performing days of the week is a lever worth pulling. Review which days of the week are most performant for your brand, and adjust your budget accordingly when you see strong performance. This doesn’t apply for all brands. 
  3. Landing pages, landing pages, landing pages. Keep iterating and keep testing! 
  4. The number of SKUS your brand has can largely influence the success of dynamic ads. Sometimes no amount of hacky media buyer tactics can change that. The more SKUs, the stronger your dynamic ad performance. 


  1. If you are looking for strong Video View Completion rates, test Pulse placement. Use this placement for brand budgets, not performance media.  
  2. Have you found an ad format that works on your account? Iterate with trending sounds weekly or bi-weekly. What about an influencer that has been crushing it for weeks? Advocate for renewing rights to that video! 


  1. With many brands still relying on last-click goals in the e-commerce space, Pinterest has struggled to earn a share of the media budget. 
  2. Utilizing Pinterest to drive efficient site traffic has proven to show success for clients still allocating budget to the platform. 


  1. Snapchat was our dark horse in Q4. We saw Snapchat hit similar last-click ROAS metrics to Meta during Q4! 
  2. Focus on TikTok-style creative. Whatever’s working on TikTok and Reels should work on Snapchat! 

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