🥇 Snapchat’s Biggest and Best Move Yet

Has it been a while since you’ve run ads on Snapchat? You are not alone! Post iOS14, advertisers fled the platform and moved paid media dollars to platforms where the sales could be actualized with first party data. This left many advertisers wondering, “what role does Snap play in our marketing mix, if any?” 

What’s New? 

Snapchat has recently released a 7/0 delivery attribution window. This is very exciting news for advertisers who focus on last click data. The prior default window was a 28/1 (28 day click/ 1 day view through), which was the only option they offered. In comparison to other platforms like META and TikTok, this was very limiting. 

With a 7/0 attribution window, the algorithm will be optimizing to a 7 day swipe up (click) with 0 days of view through. We historically saw Snap was very reliant on view through conversions, resulting in it tracking poorly in last click attribution models, which many advertisers rely on in the post iOS14 world.

Initial Results 

We have started a small test using the new 7/0 attribution window on one e-commerce client and we are seeing some promising results so far! 

  1. When run head to head with a 28/1 default attribution window setting, we saw 7/0 had a 17% better last click CPA. 
  2. Comparing Last-Click data to native Snap Data using the respectove attribution windows, we saw:
    • A vast 1,063% difference between GA Last-Click and 28/1 native data
    • Only a 48% difference between GA Last Click and native 7/0 data.
  3. CPMs came in 10% lower on 7/0 compared to 28/1. 

From a creative perspective, simple statics and TikTok videos are doing the best. We’ve only tested Snap Web View ads on this new attribution window, but plan to test back into other formats that are available for 7/0, which are web ads, collection ads and DPA. 

What’s Next? 

We recommend testing the two optimization windows head to head to see which one performs best for your brand. This is a major step in the right direction for Snapchat and opens the door for better last click performance. If you would like to learn more or get a test started please reach out to tryadmixt@admixt.com!

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