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Christmas in July for Retailers: How to Prepare Your Marketing Now for the Holidays!

You’ve all heard the saying, “Why not have Christmas in July?!” In eCommerce, this concept is not so far fetched when it comes to planning your marketing strategy. Just a few short months away, retailers are going to be hitting the holiday season – first Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and WhatDoYouKnow!? straight into the December holidays. […]

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Self Service Instagram Dynamic Product Ads on Flightplan

Dynamic Product Ads are now available through Flightplan on Instagram. Are you excited? But more importantly, are you ready? Recovering abandoned carts is one of the biggest challenges retailers face on their Shopify stores. Flightplan has been offering a way to capture and boost more sales out of retailer’s abandoned carts through retargeted ads on Facebook for several […]

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