🔑 The #1 Way to Save Time in 2024

The number one request that we get from clients is around reporting. Weekly Cross-Network Performance, Top Ads, Top Products and Top Landing Pages are some of our most popular requests we get! 

What can adMixt Reporting Services do for you?

  • Save you 2-4 hours weekly on reporting 
  • Provide clear insights into what is working and what’s not in seconds 
  • Unique/custom views that are specific to your brand 

Watch in real time as we pull a month’s worth of data by ad, campaign, and target with multiple data sources included in the pull (Big Query, GA4 and Native Data). 

If you’d like to see a demo of our reporting feature and hear what adMixt can do for you, setup time here: tryadmixt@admixt.com

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