The Key to Getting New Ads to Work 🎨

“Creative is the new targeting”. This may be the most popular phrase we’ve heard from Meta in recent years (outside of Power 5). We agree that creative is extremely important! But how do you reach new audiences if you can’t get any of your new creative to spend and hit your goals? 

We’ve been launching auction dynamic tests to find the best setup for getting new creative to spend. Here is the best campaign setup we’ve found to drive efficient sales on new ads:

Campaign (CBO, Manual Bid, Sales 1/0)
Adset A – OpenAd Level: Top 4-6 Ads Historically
Adset B – 20% LookalikeAd Level: New 4-6 Ads

The key to making this to work: 

  • If Adset B (new creative adset) isn’t spending, push up bids by 10% 
  • Leave ads in Adset B for at least a week 
  • Ideally run on a Sales 1 day click optimization. Also, use manual bidding to allow you to throttle spend 

What we’ve seen is very strong and similar performance on our new ads compared to our old ads. Once we’ve seen a good number of sales on these new ads, we then move the new ad to a high-spending campaign to allow it to continue to scale. 

If you still struggle to get new creative to spend, reach out to us at and we are happy to help!

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