TikTok’s Max Pulse Explained

TikTok recently released a new branding-focused content targeting option called Max Pulse for all advertisers. “Max Pulse places brand ads next to the top 4% of content on TikTok across all content categories, (in addition to the eleven category selections already available), to unlock the full potential of TikTok Pulse campaigns.” LINK We were finally able to put it to the test and are here to tell you how this innovative feature could impact your branding goals. 

What is Max Pulse: 

  • Pulse Targeting Categories: Travel, Sports & Recreation, Spanish Language, Pets & Animals, Music, Movie & TV, Gaming, Fashion, Cooking & Baking, Beauty & Personal Care, Auto & Vehicles, Art & Animation ** Max Pulse targets all of these content categories ** 
  • Buy Type: Reach and Frequency (Reservation, fixed CPMs) 
  • Budget Types: Lifetime budgets 
  • Campaign Type: TikTok Pulse (instead of Reach and Frequency) 
  • Placement: TikTok 
  • Ad Format: Spark Ad or Non-Spark Ads 

When Should I Run This?

  • Activate this with your branding budgets when you want to expand your reach and fuel your funnel. 
  • Promotional pushes to bring awareness to people that are in-market for your product. 

What Were Our Max Pulse Results In Our Recent Test?

  • CPMs were 32% higher than the account average for the month. 
  • CTR was 60% lower than the account average for the month. 
  • Reach and Frequency was 1.1 – the lowest of all the upper funnel initiatives. 
  • 2 Second Video Completion rate was 64% where the account average is 43%. 
  • 6 Second Video Completion rate was 28% where the account average is 19% for the month. 
  • 10% of users watched the entire video where the account average is 5.3%. 

How to Interpret These Results: 

Although Max Pulse demonstrated better video engagement on TikTok outperforming other high funnel initiatives, it was a more expensive placement in comparison to other branding initiatives. We were also not able to drive people to the site efficiently.  The key takeaway here is finding a balance between the benefits of longer video view engagement and higher cost to serve them the ad.

If you would like to hear more about testing into Max Pulse or hear about our strategy reach out to try.admixt@admixt.com 

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