🥇 TikTok’s New Attribution Product

One of the best features TikTok has released this year is attribution testing at the ad set level. Prior to this launch, attribution settings could only be changed across ALL campaigns by each pixel event. It’s time to say sayonara to account level attribution! 

On September 21st, 2023 TikTok released ad level attribution to all advertisers and we could not be more excited for this! But what exactly does this mean? 

  1. This opens up the door for testing what drives the best performance for your source of truth. For example, if you are a last click brand, then 1/0 (click/view) will likely be your best first approach. If you are optimizing to a site goal, a more lenient click window or incorporating view through would be a good starting point.

  1. You can now test attribution side by side in two campaigns and see results in a much cleaner way. 

  1. Advertisers have the ability to run multiple campaigns with multiple attributions depending on the objective they are looking for. For example, one product works best with 1/0 (click/view) ratio, while another has a longer click-to-purchase, like 7/1 (click/view). 

What attributions are offered on TikTok? 

Attribution window testing is a significant strategy to employ when running campaigns across all social channels. Don’t be afraid to test and find what works best for your business! 

Reach out to try.admixt@admixt.com  if you would like to hear more about TikTok attribution and our strategies!

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