What % of Direct & Organic Sales Is Optimal?

We regularly have clients ask us: How many Organic and Direct attributed sales should we see in GA on average for our account?

So we looked at 7 different types of clients, all within the e-commerce industry, and we saw a variety of ranges from 18-38% of sales going to direct + organic. 

A couple things we noticed: 

  1. Better brand awareness or brands with a cult following saw more organic and direct sales
  2. If you launch in retail after being D2C only, you should expect to see your Organic/Direct sales drop by about 10%. 

Overall, the average number of sales we are seeing from organic/direct is 26% of our clients’ total site sales. 

To increase your organic and direct sales consider these three things: 

  1. Am I spending too much on Google CPC (specifically Brand)? Brand Campaigns could be stealing attribution from Organic Google. 
  2. How well is my brand perceived? For the people who know you, how would they describe your brand? The more they say I “can’t live without” or are “obsessed” with your brand, the better your Organic/Direct sales should look. 
  3. Finally, how strong is your general brand awareness with the target audience you are going after? Who could you partner with that aligns with your brand to give you more clout?

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