đź’ˇ 3 Ways to Position Your Brand with TikTok Carousels

TikTok recently released standard TikTok carousels for all advertisers. This is a great option for brands that don’t have easy access to TikTok-native video assets! 

Carousel Specs: 

  • Add multiple images into one carousel unit (2 minimum, 10 maximum) 
  • Create unique captions and landing pages for each slide
  • Up to 40 characters in each caption 
  • Consideration or Conversion optimization 

Carousel Ad In Action:

The Pros and Cons of TikTok Carousels: 


  • Storytelling with up to 10 slides 
  • No need for UGC produced videos or influencer content 
  • Roll over content from META into TikTok 
  • Jump on organic TikTok trends quickly 


  • The content doesn’t look as native to TikTok
  • Carousels look more like ads
  • Requires more interaction from users before they click through to the site 
  • No movement 

3 Recommendations For TikTok Carousel Ads 

  • DR Focused  
    • Clear call to action 
    • Make it clear “why” the user should convert 
  • Organic-Feeling 
    • Stay away from in studio assets 
    • Use trending sounds on TikTok 
  • Thumb-stopping First Slide
    • Catch the users attention with a clear content theme on slide 1 

Our Favorite Carousel Content Themes: 

Products I Will Purchase Over and Over Again – LINK

How to…  – LINK

Thumb-Stopping Call Out – LINK

If you would like to hear more about testing into TikTok Carousels or hear about our strategy reach out to try.admixt@admixt.com

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