đź’ˇAccount Consolidation: In or Out?

In an ever changing digital marketing environment, media buyers frequently face the same existential crisis: knowing when to follow network best practices.

Our stance on the matter is only when it makes sense for your business objectives. When deciding whether or not to follow network “best practices” consider two big things:

  1. How does this align with your overall business goals?
  2.  What actionable results can be gathered from these recommendations?

A trending network best practice is Account Consolidation. This is how we’d evaluate if you should use this strategy: 

First we’d review the following variables: 

  1. What budget do we have to spend.
  2. What objectives are we trying to prove out
  3. Are there particular business objectives that need to be supported like a product launch or OKR. 

If you have a limited budget, a single or very clear primary objective and consolidated business objectives than Account Consolidation is worth a test!

If you have any of these requirements it is going to be challenging to make Account Consolidation work for you:

  1. Custom campaigns by theme, price point or pain point
  2. Variable budgets and goals
  3. Interested in out-of-the box strategies  

So have we seen success going against Account Consolidation best practices, Yes! 

In a 6 month head-to-head test we tested this theory. In Cell A, was our campaign setup that was a bit more customized to the client where we ran 3-7 campaigns. In Cell B, a consolidated campaign where just 1 campaign was running. Cell A (our campaign setup) spent 42% more than Cell B with 12% more efficient CPAs

Our strategy focused primarily on finding creative and targeting wins then translating those wins into scale. This iterative process is imperative to driving growth and finding compounding wins on any account.

Account strategies are not one size fits all and they need to be formulated to align to your business goals. Always take suggestions with a grain of salt and apply them only when they make sense!

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