Alert 🚨 New adMixt Exclusive TikTok Ad Product

Showing two TikTok ads, one with a dynamic overlay and one without.

In July, adMixt was the only agency chosen to test a TikTok BETA called VSA (Video Shopping Ads) Dynamic Carousels with Overlays.

Most are already familiar with overlays on META dynamic ads, as they are a great way to unlock low funnel, DABA/DPA performance. Overlays for Dynamic Carousel ads on TikTok are very similar and are now available as an API-only feature for TikTok! 

Dynamic Carousels are a new ad format that leverages advertisers’ catalog images as TikTok in-feed ads. Within this format, brands are able to create specific product sets and choose sounds to run on each carousel variant. AdMixt is able to utilize our image rendering capabilities to add banners, reviews, or make the 1×1 format appear as a 9×16!

Example VSA Carousel with Dynamic Overlay: 

Hint: the testimonial in the top left is a dynamic image overlay adMixt put on this dynamic ad! 

In collaboration with TikTok, adMixt ran a study to test the impact of overlay vs. no overlay on Dynamic Carousels. Ads with overlays had 23% lower purchase CPAs than standard ads with no overlays, and a 46% higher conversion rate

For advertisers who struggle getting consistent TikTok creative, this will be especially useful as an always on strategy! A few optimizations that can be done once this is live to improve performance are: 

  • Product set testing 
  • Overlay messaging themes 
  • Promotional pushes 

If you haven’t tested standard carousels or VSA dynamic carousels yet, email us at to learn how to utilize this performance API-only feature!

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