📊 High Funnel Strategies that are Trackable

Most brands want to run high funnel ads, but very few are able to find strategies to prove it worked at eventually driving sales.  

Strategies for Tracking High Funnel Performance 

Before setting up a study, we’d recommend a single campaign on 1 objective like Traffic or View Content. Don’t test two objectives at once! Then follow these steps: 

  1. Run a K-means cluster analysis. This will tell you which 5 cities you should exclude from your campaign and which 5 similar are worth comparing results to. Here is a YouTube video on how to get started. Hint: We’d recommend focusing on 1 product in your ad to help with future analysis 
  2. Evaluate sales lift: Once you’ve run the test, evaluate the sales lift you saw on the 5 similar cities who saw your ads vs those holdout cities. This will give you a good benchmark on what kind of lift you could see on a large scale campaign on this optimization. 
  3. Test a new campaign objective (like video view) and repeat the K-Means cluster analysis. This will give you a good idea of which objective drives the biggest incremental sales lift.  
  4. Once you have your campaign objective winner, setup a brand lift study on Meta: Once you have found the optimization that drove the most incremental sales, keep quarterly brand lift studies running for always-on measurement.

If you would like to hear more about how we test into full funnel approaches reach out to try.admixt@admixt.com 

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