How to Connect GA4 to Google Ads

You can’t talk to anyone in the e-commerce industry without them bringing up GA4. It makes sense – it’s one of the biggest industry changes that has happened since iOS14 rolled out in 2021. Here is one more tip to follow as we move closer to GA4 taking over. 

Outside of checking your attribution settings, you also need to make sure you’ve connected GA4 to your Google Ads account if you are running Google ads. 

How to do this: 

🛑 Before you get started, you must have these: 

  • Edit access to your Google Analytics
  • Admin permissions to Google Ads

Under “Tools & Settings” go to Linked Accounts

If your GA4 is already connected it will look like this::

If Google Analytics (GA4) & Firebase isn’t set up it will not show up under the linked accounts. 

Below “Linked Accounts & Products” will be a list of applications. There will be one called Google Analytics (GA4) & Firebase. Click “Details”

Then under “Action” will be an option to “Link”. Go through those steps & then you are done! 

NOTE: You do not need to Activate App and Web metrics. This will show you site engagement metrics in Google Ads. 

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