🎁 How to Prepare for Q4

‘Tis the season! Q4 planning is in full swing and advertisers are preparing for the craziest time of year in digital marketing. The pivotal question arises: Is your team prepared to launch successfully on all of your paid social channels? Here is our step- by-step guide to a prosperous Q4 for paid ads! 

Step 1: Promo and Launch Calendars

  • Have a promo/launch calendar to plan out your media, campaign, and creative strategies. 
  • Share this plan as early as possible so your team is fully prepared!

Step 2: Create a Backup Plan

  • When in doubt, always have a backup plan. During the busiest most crucial time of the year for all DR advertisers, you do not want to fall short.

Step 3: Creative Planning

  • Start planning now for creative concepts and your creative vision. 
  • Produce a backlog of content to prevent scrambling for iterations in Q4. 
  • Ensure you have creative for all initiatives: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Gifting etc.

Step 4: Media Planning

  • Work with the adMixt team to create a media plan based on historical performance and new initiatives.  
  • Plan all of Q4 vs. just Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as these other days of the quarter are just as important!

Step 5: Ad Product Testing by Platform 

(i.e. Advantage+ Shopping, Countdown Timers, Demand Gen, etc.)

  • Test new ad products prior to the Q4 period (if possible). 
  • Don’t over-invest budget into new ad products as it could hurt overall performance until it’s proven out.

Step 6: Budget  

  • Finalize budgets and share with your account team so they can adjust media plans and strategies accordingly.
  • A, B and C plans for budgets based on performance goals for ease of communication and clear expectations. 

We know Q4 can be an extremely hectic and stressful time in the digital marketing world. This is why it is so important to plan ahead and put your best foot forward. We are experts in optimizing your channels for maximum return, especially during these key times. 

Reach out to try.admixt@admixt.com to hear more about how we plan for Q4 or if you have any questions. We would love to help you scale efficiently this Q4! 

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