META Performance Marketing Summit Takeaways

The 2nd Annual Meta Performance Marketing Summit just wrapped up! There was a lot of buzz around the 1st Annual event when ASC (Advantage + Shopping Campaigns) were announced. This year there were no major announcements but we took away great learnings.

These are the 3 main takeaways: 

  • AI is all anyone can talk about. What this will look like largely is unclear. From a Meta product standpoint, their biggest announcement is their new AI Sandbox. The gist of this product is you will soon be able to have auto generated copy, image backgrounds (specifically for dynamic ads) and image cropping and/or image expansion so your image looks better on a 9×16 placement if you only have a 1×1 image (for example). Finally, there will be dynamic video components added to Meta using AI.
  • Creative is the new Targeting. This phrase was mentioned a lot and in general we are in agreement that creative testing is massively important. Especially different looking creatives. We still think there is a place for targeting and we still see great results from campaigns using targeting, but yes, investing in creative is where we need all brands to move to stay competitive long-term. 
  • Measurement, Measurement, Measurement. Whether MTAs (Multi-Touch Attribution) or MMMs (Mixed Media Modeling) or Incrementality testing on Meta, this was a non-stop discussion. The main takeaways we had from this: everyone is exploring and thinking about measurement tools and strategies, but no one has a real solution that works across Branding, Performance and Omnichannel (Retail tracking in combination with Online tracking). adMixt is continuing to explore actionable measurement strategies with a handful of clients. Once we feel confident in the data we are analyzing and actioning off of, we will share more. 

Outside of these 3 takeaways, the main benefit of the Meta Performance Summit was connecting with people we’ve known for years or people we’ve known virtually but never met IRL. We will plan to go yearly for this reason and hope to see you next year! 

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