Meta’s Effect on Brand Search

We get questions regularly about why branded search performance ebbs and flows so often. There are a few things we know to be true about branded search:

  1. Small or new brands are likely not going to have the luxury of having branded search sales as people need to know who you are before they search for your brand.
  2. Large brands who have invested in their brand and high-funnel spend will long-term have incredible brand search performance.
  3. Brand search is very much impacted by the media spend on your other channels.

While we knew point 3 was true, it wasn’t clear the full impact of other media channels’ impact on branded search.

The Test

We are working with a startup that only runs media on Meta and Google. One month we ran no Meta spend and continued to run Brand Search. And in the next month we ramped up our Meta spend + had brand search live on Google.

The Results

  • Spend stayed flat, but brand search sales increased 53% in the month Meta spend was active compared to the month with no Meta spend
  • The GA last-click ROAS on Brand Search increased 50% when Meta was running in tandem with Google Brand.
  • Clicks on Brand Search increased 18% PoP as well!


When launching ads on Meta you will see last-click sales attributed to Meta and also see a significant halo effect on Brand Search resulting in more sales with no additional ad spend.

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