Meundies + adMixt – Driving purchases at scale!

The US-based direct-to-consumer online underwear retailer brand ran Facebook and Instagram video and photo ads using value-based lookalike audience targeting, resulting in a 97% increase in incremental purchases compared to other targeting methods.


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MeUndies wanted to reach new customers and increase online apparel sales.

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Having adMixt’s team of eCommerce specialists and  their award winning technology on their side was the solution! 

adMixt was able to create new value-based lookalike audiences from MeUndies’ own website pixel to find more shoppers who are similar to their top customers. 

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Using adMixt’s technology made it easy to deploy new campaigns, including thousands of ads, that would take days to configure manually, with full support for last-minute changes, and frequent adjustments.

  • 97% lift in incremental purchases (compared to non-value-based lookalike audiences)
  • 2.1X lift in incremental purchase value
  • 18% increase in incremental add-to-carts
  • 12% increase in incremental add-to-cart value
  • 1.4 million people reached

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Key takeaways (aka tl;dr)

Their Goal

MeUndies wanted to run a high-impact campaign to rev up customer interest and sales.


adMixt deployed Facebook’s new value-based lookalike audiences, which allow companies to tap into their own website data to find more shoppers who are similar to their top customers.


2.1X lift in incremental purchase value

1.4 million people reached

Pixel Tracking

adMixt placed a Facebook pixel on MeUndies’ website. The pixel is a piece of code that gives companies insight into the traffic on their websites, and tells them what actions people are taking—such as page browsing or product purchasing.


adMixt created attention-grabbing, short-form video ads and colorful photo ads to run in Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.

Hyper Focused Targeting

adMixt served the ads to US adults, excluding existing customers, as well as to the value-based lookalike audience based on the characteristics of its current online customers, as identified from its website pixel data.