New Ad Network Alert!

Starting today, adMixt is now able to buy ads on LinkedIn! LinkedIn’s network reaches 950+ million professionals with unique targeting and ways to capture a new audience.

LinkedIn is not just for B2B advertising – business professionals are also consumers with a 15% higher purchasing power than the average consumer.

Why work with adMixt?

  • We know which creatives work for you across your paid media and can make adjustments that work for LinkedIn (if needed).
  • Our reporting tech will make it easy to compare LinkedIn performance against other networks you are running.

What about Creative? What Should I be running?

Here are a few creative themes that work on the LinkedIn platform:

  • Aspirational creative – this is focused on elevated, high-end aesthetic creative
  • Innovation messaging – talk about why you/your product is unique
  • Loyalty messaging – do other people love your brand, do publishers rate your product highly? This audience cares what others are saying about you.

I’m Convinced! How do I give adMixt access to my LinkedIn Account?

  1. Go here:
  2. Then select LinkedIn from the dropdown at the top and select “Add Profile”
  3. Follow the prompts then you are onboarded!
  4. Then send an email to your Paid Media Manager and they will make sure everything has been onboarded properly.

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