NEW Omnichannel Trends Technology

We regularly get asked: “How can we measure our media spend’s impact on Omnichannel sales?” 

Historically this was met with a sigh because it’s hard to measure all of the factors that go into your media’s overall impact.

🎉 The good news is we have a new technical featured called OmniTrends!

adMixt is now able to ingest your Retail and E-Commerce data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In addition to retail revenue, we can pull any other data point that’s provided by a retailer like: 

  • Product Level Sales
  • City/DMA Level Sales

Once we have the data we then match this up with your owned advertising spend to look for trends.

Your data could look something like the below: 

WeekOwned Ad Spend Product Level Owned Revenue Retail Revenue 

When you chart this data you can see the more owned ad spend you invest in Jean ads, the higher the Owned & Retail revenue goes. 

Why is this powerful? We are now able to see revenue in-store and online by product and are able to track those sales against our product-level media spend. This gives us directional insights into what impact paid social may have on retail sales. Traditionally it was assumed the media you’re investing didn’t impact retail sales. What we are uncovering is that assumption is incorrect. Your media spend has a great impact on online AND retail sales!

If you are interested in talking more about OmniTrends, reach out to

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