🔑 Should I Invest in Reels-Optimized Ads?

Is it worth the time to customize the ads you’re running on Instagram Reels? We conducted a test with eharmony, the dating platform that’s helped over 2 million people find real love, and have the answer!

This account is gender-split, so here is the breakdown of our campaigns: 

  • Women who saw Reels-optimized ads saw a 2.07x ROAS lift on Meta. According to their source of truth data, women saw a 9.2% lift in performance. 
  • Men who saw Reels-optimized ads saw a 2.42x ROAS lift on Meta. Looking at their source of truth data, men saw a 5.6% decline in performance. 

The data from this split test shows that putting effort into ads optimized for Reels is worth it! 

Unclear what a Reels-optimized ad looks like? Check out our examples below: 


Men’s Reel Example

Women’s Reel Example


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