The Best Q4 Ad Unit To Run on TikTok

With BFCM right around the corner we figured now was a great time to feature a promotion ad product! Over the past year TikTok has continued to release tons of new ad products with a large focus on “Interactive Add-Ons”. We’ve tested a variety of Interactive Add-ons but the one that has stood out the most are Countdown Stickers!

What are Countdown Stickers? The Countdown Sticker Interactive Add-on allows you to add a timer to your video ad to catch your audience’s attention and create a feeling of urgency. A Countdown Sticker will appear in the ads for the entire time, and can’t be closed before the ad is finished playing.

Example of a Countdown Sticker:

The Real Question: Do they Work?

In a quarter-long account test on a beauty client, we saw a 26% increase in GA ROAS on promotional-focused Countdown Stickers compared to all other ad products on TikTok.

Not only did we test Countdown Stickers on promos, we also tested them with evergreen messages like: “Countdown to Halloween”. This evergreen strategy drove 14% higher GA ROAS compared to other evergreen ads on the account.

If you are interested in testing Countdown Stickers, reach out to your Paid Media Manager and they can set these up on your account!

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