📝The Importance of Message Testing

Do you often wonder which messaging is going to resonate best with your target audience? The answer should be yes! We have completely transformed accounts by testing new messages and then iterating on top performers. Below is a recent case study that showcases just what we saw. 

Case Study: 

In a 2 quarter study with 1 client, we found message testing ads drove a 27% increase in performance compared to ads without message testing.

The Why: 

  • Image copy is much more powerful than the ad copy attached to the ad. 
  • Find out which messages resonate the most with your target audience. 
  • Discover new messaging that can be used across the board and themes that can be iterated on. 
  • This plays into the iterative creative process as we know content is king. 

So what was our approach, how did we do this? 

Step 1: Align on new messaging themes that we want to test. Ex: testimonials, press quotes, lifestyle. 

Step 2: Create new messaging based on these themes and narrow down to the top 5 choices. 

Step 3: Choose an image that is already proven, this limits the amount of variables that are being tested so you can truly see if the messaging resonates and performs. 

Step 4: Align on launch strategies that fit in with your current setup. Remember, you want to limit the number of variables being tested as much as possible. Be sure you have a version A and B.

Step 5: Analyze – what is working, what is not? In what ways can you iterate further on the winners and roll it out across your entire account. 

We know creative and message testing fall right in the same vail and are of the utmost importance. A message that gets one person to convert may be vastly different than the one that converts another. Message testing can open the doors to new audiences, new content and scale. If you would like to learn more or work with our team to start message testing, reach out to try.admixt@admixt.com!

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